Tell me what you eat....
Growth hacker of experiential opportunities where food and beverage meet travel and hospitality through crafts resources, glocal knowledge and senior experience. Domenico a.k.a. Mimmo is an experienced manager with a history of working in Food>Beverage>Hospitality, Food-Service, Retail and a huge areas of expertise that include wines, beers, fine foods, kitchens and restaurants, farmer markets, winebars, gourmet shops and service providers, producers, farmers, entrepreneurs and foodies. 

Expert in communication, marketing, senior art-director, digital social media, sale strategies, markets, procurement, international supplier relations, travel designer>influencer, educational>experiential tours, storytelling>storytaster, big-data, agro-industry, digital coaching and mentoring for start-ups>entrepreneurs, networking and creative input for ideas. 

His motto is: "Tell me what you eat, I will tell you who you are and I build a network on it".